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Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

I love this time of the year! I'm really excited about this Christmas because Nate will be excited to see his gifts from Santa, even though he doesn't understand who Santa is he will LOVE his presents. If you've been around Nate for more than 5 minutes you'll know how much he loves trains. He can turn anything (food, cars, cups, laundry baskets) into a train. Most of his Christmas is either Thomas the train or Mickey Mouse (his other favorite)

It's going to be great to see his face on Christmas morning but even greater than that we will be teaching him the REAL meaning of Christmas... Jesus. The world has turned away from God so much it scares me to think "What will the world be like when Nathan is my age?" We've already told him bible stories and prayed with him but of course he can't understand right now but the bible says "Teach a child the way it should go and when he's older he won't depart from it." I believe that with all my heart and I remind myself of that verse often because, it's the only peace I have with the way the world is today. So remember during this wonderful time of the year that it's not all about "Santa" it's all about Jesus! 


  1. this blog is beautiful, just like you my friend!! and these pictures of nate are priceless!! did you take them with your new camera?

  2. Thanks. No heather (my cousin) took these pictures.